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With Love, Fred by sbkMulletMan
With Love, Fred
I was going to save this for Halloween, but I just couldn't wait.  I HAD to draw it!  Much to my shame, for whatever reason I just never got around to watching Courage The Cowardly Dog until this month.  I remember seeing and loving the old '96 pilot, but that was it until what, 20 years later? 

So when I got to Freaky Fred, I just felt so enticed, so inspired, so compelled, so.....Naaaauuughty! 
And quickly determined that I wasn't who they were looking for, so everything worked out nice and peachy-keen!  Fuck you, I don't give spoiler alerts. 

But yeah, on my way to class this morning, I noticed several cop cars at the transit station after I got off my bus, and waited for the train.  Not just local private security, but actual sheriffs.  Well, the train comes, I sit down, then several of the officers come in, look around, see me, and ask me for ID.  They sure weren't immigration (and I make a lousy Mexican anyway), so I'm pretty confused at this point.  When the officer asks me to step outside, things were getting rather scary, because I had NO idea what the Hell was going on.

I was told that someone called 911 and asked for help, and the person who called apparently matched my description, and I'm a VERY distinctive-looking fellow.  "Half-Shaved Yeti who looks like he raided Kevin Smith's wardrobe" is a description that comes to mind, and I'd like to take this opportunity to poke fun at the lazy idiots who cry "tldr" when something is more than two sentences long.  Sorry, you barely-literate fuck-heads, but some of us are actually interesting enough to live our lives more than one shitty twitter post at a time.  So neener, neener, donkey-wiener.  Now, back to our story!

They check my phone's recent calls, saw that their number wasn't on the list, and asked some basic, standard questions (where are you headed, where do you work, where do you live, what's your number; the stuff you probably don't want to ask someone until you've both already agreed to set up that first date).  After about 15 minutes of this, they let me go my merry way, and they kept looking in the train to see just who the Hell called them, and everyone was pissed that their time was being wasted.  Well, except for me.  I was just fucking stoked I didn't get arrested or pistol-whipped over an incorrect identification! 

So yeah, everything was fine, but holy HELL, is it intimidating when you have 3 armed officers, with several more scouring the vicinity, complete with body vests interrogating you, and you don't even know what's going on.  Even creepier is that I'm reading Stephen King's Christine, and just last night I was reading parts involving cops questioning suspects, and both parties reading off the others' reactions.  Good timing, huh?

Bonus Complaint: I'm in my first math class in 14 years.  It hurts. 
Anti-Complaint: I fought Maximilian Dood online in MKX, and he busted my Kano Balls.  It was fun!
Sunny Bunny: Priorities by sbkMulletMan
Sunny Bunny: Priorities
A just-for-funsies drawing from one of my rough sketches.  Mostly just an excuse to get more Sunny Bunny. 

Been really trying to do more drawings lately, but a college math class is eating up too much time and energy.  I really need a "Fuck Off" zone for myself, and tons of coffee. 
Fatass Bird Baby by sbkMulletMan
Fatass Bird Baby
A big-ass bird for a random-ass drawing that was mainly an excuse to practice a few new art toys I got. 

Not much to say other than this is just some of the weird shit that goes through my brain on a daily basis. 
Sunny Bunny: Bustin' One Out For the Ladies by sbkMulletMan
Sunny Bunny: Bustin' One Out For the Ladies
So THAT'S how they make Ecto-Cooler!

FINALLY got over my art block (and crippling addiction to Overwatch...with some System Shock on the side), and all it took for inspiration was an obnoxious, colossal cunt-splosion!  Oh, and a juvenile queef joke from some movie.

So yeah, I stopped caring about Pixels 2 maybe about half a year ago, but stupid people getting worked up over something definitely holds my attention, regardless of which side of the field they're on (they can both kiss my fence-straddling ass).  This was largely inspired by some self-righteous prick using some random kid in one of those typical preachy internet images with some bullshit message that dismisses the real issue entirely, saying "This movie isn't made for you asshole fans of the original, it's made for this cute, innocent pweshush widdle girl who is more important than a movie being actually good,'re a sexist asshole".

So congratulations, random little girl that was used in some holier-than thou asshole's moral crusade.  Because you're so precious, women in a movie fart out their cooters and get portrayed as bumbling idiots throughout the whole thing with no character development, and what was the point of this moral crusade again?  See, you should have listened to the people who saw this as a cynical cash grab from the start.  They were right.

HALF IN THE BAAAAAAG!  :icondrunkplz:


Baron Von Fuzzbottom III
United States
What the Hell are you starin' at?
So yeah, I've been playing a lot of Mortal Kombat X ever since last week and I'm going to keep playing for a while since I've been a huge supporter of the games ever since its debut in '92, so if I seem absent at all, it's because I'm spilling enough blood to house a vampire Shamu in a really fun video game.  Sorry, but Scorpion has simply been part of my life for much longer than you monkeys and has been since I was a weeee widdle kid in a 7-11 (back when they had arcade cabinets in the stores)

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