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Majestic Unicorns by sbkMulletMan
Majestic Unicorns
Finally got around to playing the semi-free first chapter of the King's Quest reboot on my PS4 and felt like I just had to draw the "Majestic Unicorns"!  They were just so friggin' adorable that I did a quick one-day sketch of them in my random goofy shit book and figured they were worthy of coloring.  How can I not love the magnificence that is Mister Fancycakes?  Other One, though, ehhh, not as magnificent. 

What, Other One; you think you're so much better just because you have both eyes?  You are not worthy to be even glimpsed by the single eye of Mister Fancycakes!  Mister Fancycakes owns your shiny biscuits! 
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Well THIS is a random one!

I recently got a new small sketchbook specifically for sketching in whatever goofy little idea comes into my mind and just letting it evolve naturally as I continue to work on it until I reach a point where I consider it "done enough", and this is one of them.  I knew I wanted to start with some kind of spooky woman, but somehow it just turned into a cultish animal sacrifice, but then I thought to myself, "okay, now how can I make it silly?"

After 15 minutes of listening to that dorky "Chicken Dance" music, the rest of the drawing took a much sillier tone, and that's where all the more goofy details came long story short (too late), a lot of crazy shit goes on in my head, because that's what a lifetime of watching cartoons will do the human brain. 

Don't forget to pick up your complimentary Snuggy catalog on the way out.  Oh, and Have a Hell of a Day!

Banging in the Nails by sbkMulletMan
Banging in the Nails
:music:You see that crown of thorns upon his head?  Well that was MY idea!
I think I might be going to Hell!  Ohhhhh, DEAR!

FINALLY got another drawing done after months of procrastinating due to a combination of college, and a RAGING addiction to Warframe!  But I missed drawing, and it's Easter and I simply had to have Sunny-Bunny do something, so why not mix a modern Easter with the classic, and throw in a tribute to a happy little song by the Tiger Lilies about crucifying Jesus?  Hey, thirteen Jesuses seemed to have fun dancing and drinking to the song, and surely thirteen Jesuses can't be wrong!

So hooray for finally getting something new done!   ...God, this has got to be at least the third time Jesus Christ has bled for my art. 
Fucking Crazy by sbkMulletMan
Fucking Crazy
C'mon, she just wants a huuuug


Been in a stupid, cartoony mood, so I figured a bloody blonde booby bimbo would just be something I had to randomly draw for shits n' giggles.  I replayed all of Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodlines not too long ago, so Jeanette Voerman just seemed a natural choice there...I draw really, really goofy shit.  I can see why they ripped off this character for the ultra-slutty redesign of Harley Quinn for the Arkham games. 
How Not To Be Seen
Never fuck with a professional, junior!!

With both the Twilight Zone Marathon playing, and my binge-viewing Half In the Bag (ffffack movies!), I guess I still had some drawing spirit left in me today and managed to squeeze out this impulse drawing in a few hours.

So here's hoping for less shitty memes in 2016.  It won't happen, but then again, neither do any New Year's hopes. 


Baron Von Fuzzbottom III
United States
What the Hell are you starin' at?
So yeah, I've been playing a lot of Mortal Kombat X ever since last week and I'm going to keep playing for a while since I've been a huge supporter of the games ever since its debut in '92, so if I seem absent at all, it's because I'm spilling enough blood to house a vampire Shamu in a really fun video game.  Sorry, but Scorpion has simply been part of my life for much longer than you monkeys and has been since I was a weeee widdle kid in a 7-11 (back when they had arcade cabinets in the stores)

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