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Baron Von Fuzzbottom III
United States
What the Hell are you starin' at?
2014, blahblah, whatever, My Health Insurance is valid, so I'm happy!  ...only I don't actually know just what the Hell to do with it precisely.  Oh well, I'll figure it out.  Guess I'll start with vision-care just to see if they take Medi-Cal (oh fuck, that was an accidental pun...damn my eyes...THAT one was on purpose) and if not, hey, at least I'll be not-blind for a little while longer. 

Everyone keeps bitching about 2013, but I found it for the most part rather pleasant (not counting the last-minute death of Shredder/Uncle Phil...), at least as far as odd-numbered years go for me.  And I'm going into the new year with a good start...assuming my upcoming jury duty doesn't land me the next OJ Simpson trial, forcing me to drop my classes and miss the next semester.  Oh well, either way, I'll have plenty of Discworld books to read.

So a belated merry Smissmas and happy Newsomethingwhatever to all of you bastards.  Try not to do anything too stupid this year, or I'll nail all your clothes to the top of telephone polls and laugh as you try to retrieve them naked (mind the splinters!)
  • Mood: Christmas Spirited
  • Listening to: The Blackfly Song
  • Reading: The Light Fantastic
  • Watching: Final season of Futurama
  • Playing: A lot.
  • Eating: bananaflavoredenergybarsmadefromtofu
  • Drinking: BANANA! BANANA!

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JeweledScarab 4 days ago  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Damn it!  That shitty porn thread got closed before I could see your Robin Hood: Men in Tights reference and reply accordingly!  :grump:
...I can SEE!


Nope.  I was wrong.
JeweledScarab 4 days ago  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Master Robin is that you?!  Oh happy day!

OOOOHHH!  You lost your arms in battle! ....but you grew some nice boobs.
Choked on the goldfish. 
zanagotus Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
"Baron Von Fuzzbottom III" 
ThatPlanetside2Guy Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
How did you get suspended?
The note I received literally told me NOTHING.  I think it was even a copy & paste form-letter.  All it said was that I was suspended for a week for non-specific "abuse", and nothing else.  It was even done anonymously by "someone on the DA Staff", or some bullshit.

Incidentally, the ONE time I was previous warned for "highly abusive behavior" was when I used the phrase, and this is word-for-word: "If you want support, buy a bra".  That is a clever, relevant remark regarding a lack of support to someone's situation; it is HARMLESS.  I suppose the person who warned me for that "abuse" must have been a raging, misogynistic asshole who can't stand even the mere mention of female articles of clothing, or else they wouldn't have bothered getting upset by it.  With that in mind: if THAT remark is "abusive", then EVERYTHING can be "abusive". 

These are DA's priorities: naked underage "cherub" children with exposed toddler genitals are perfectly acceptable images to post.  Mentioning a bra: "Abusive". 

Promoting the mass murdering of cats and pitbulls: acceptable.  Mentioning a bra: "Abusive".

Blatantly racist and homophobic behavior, complete with Nazi imagery: "artistic speech".  Mentioning a Bra: "LYNCH the motherfucker!"

I made a joke to myself that the real reason for the suspension was because I vulgarly displayed my understandable anger from 3 or 4 years ago when an ad on DA gave me a computer-breaking virus which not only killed ALL my data, but also cost me REAL GODDAMN MONEY because I had to pay to have my computer repaired and reformatted; something that not even porn sites from 1999 did to my computer.  And DA admitted and publicly acknowledged their virus-spreading ads.  And the more I thought about it, the less of a "joke" this all seemed to me, because I was basically encouraging ad block and telling why it was a SMART thing, because you can literally destroy your computer with a virus given to you by DA because they have worse quality control than a Tijuana whorehouse.  The timing of that post and the suspension was suspicious, and as you now know, if a witty remark involving a bra is "abusive", then surely speaking out against DA's virus-plagued ads with warranted vulgarity basically calls for a goddamn death sentence. 

That, or some pussy working at DA is an obsessive Sonic and/or my widdle poony fan.  Normally I'd admit that being just some joking remark, but if "if you want support, buy a bra" is abuse, then an a shady action like that, fueled by personal grief is hardly surprising, isn't it?  I think we're beginning to see the real "abuse" here.  It does explain why they mysteriously never gave a specific source or reason to justify anything.  And now, if one was suddenly given, it would be impossible to trust because if it were true, they wouldn't have hidden it. 

Yay, paranoia; let's party on the grassy knoll over there! 
KaizenKitty Apr 12, 2014  Student Writer
So why didn't you file a complaint against dA, requesting a refund for your computer damages?
Fullmetal-Animator Apr 11, 2014  Professional Filmographer
By "abuse" I assume it was one cry baby that could handle your humor.  Ah well, good to have you back.  Don't scare me like that again, dude.
That's the really scary thing: despite everything I say, it's nothing compared to what these piss-babies do.  Not just say; but DO. 

The animal abducting freak who kidnapped his own family's pets when they stepped out of the house and left them to die on the side of the road and tried to convince people he did his family a favor, or the advocate for cat & pitbull genocide who is openly racist, complete with the help with life thread about how he feels about "dumb niggers", or whatever term he used; the people who go to individual pages of others to harass them (I enforce a STRICT personal rule to never, EVER pull any shit on someone's personal page, and I even refuse to contact people through hidden notes...if only they had the decency to do the same for me), or the horrible person who made a legal, honest purchase and then tried to trick people into thinking she was "robbed" and "scammed" (that's like saying you were raped just because someone suddenly shook your hand in a friendly manner), or of course, the pedophiles who create new accounts in order to trick and lie to others by pretending they aren't pedophiles.  This is all HORRIBLE stuff...but it's allowed.  Hell, even encouraged in some cases. 

If I am the "bad guy" compared to those monsters, then that only means I'm doing a good job and pissing off the right people.  People who don't deserve to have a pleasant, hap-hap-happy day to begin with.
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