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Fucking Crazy by sbkMulletMan
Fucking Crazy
C'mon, she just wants a huuuug


Been in a stupid, cartoony mood, so I figured a bloody blonde booby bimbo would just be something I had to randomly draw for shits n' giggles.  I replayed all of Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodlines not too long ago, so Jeanette Voerman just seemed a natural choice there...I draw really, really goofy shit.  I can see why they ripped off this character for the ultra-slutty redesign of Harley Quinn for the Arkham games. 
How Not To Be Seen
Never fuck with a professional, junior!!

With both the Twilight Zone Marathon playing, and my binge-viewing Half In the Bag (ffffack movies!), I guess I still had some drawing spirit left in me today and managed to squeeze out this impulse drawing in a few hours.

So here's hoping for less shitty memes in 2016.  It won't happen, but then again, neither do any New Year's hopes. 
Fandom Freaks: Funeral For a Fuck by sbkMulletMan
Fandom Freaks: Funeral For a Fuck
Sad ending, isn't it?

Well, got this one finished a day early.  Guess it helps when you don't care if the characters look good, since it's impossible, what with Simon & Garfucker being monsters and all, heh.  So yeah, the fuck-fox is finally dead.  Felt like I just had to wrap up that little "story" for new year.  Maybe in 2016, the really creepy furrverts will stop giving me so much material to work with, but I doubt it.  Oh, if only they actually listened to those corny Sonic PSAs. 
Burn, Baby, Burn by sbkMulletMan
Burn, Baby, Burn
Taking a small break from my FFATTY drawings, so I've got this quick, fun filler drawing to close out the year in a blazing glory.  Basically I just wanted an excuse to draw something from Don't Starve.  Then after this I've got another Simon & Garfucker drawing to tie up the dead fox thing from Halloween. 

So yeah, FIRE!  Fire Goooood!  And of course Willow is easily my favorite character in the game because she's the fun, crazy one and is surprisingly the least-stressful character to play in the long as you know to keep your sanity level above 60 and SPACE YOUR DAMN STORAGE CHESTS APART! 


F.F.A.T.T.Y Part 2: And FATTY Was His Name-O by sbkMulletMan
F.F.A.T.T.Y Part 2: And FATTY Was His Name-O
Part 2 of my Fat-Fuck Superhero parody (explanation found in part 1:… )

This fucker's at least a week overdue.  I got so caught up with other things, mainly the week-long Mystery Science Theater 3000 kickstarter end-goal (which was met and surpassed! Huzzah!!), so with my weird sleep pattern I would basically wake up, get a tiny bit of drawing in, such as a few lines on the Fairy, realize I just didn't have it in me to draw that day, then get ready for the double-feature live stream for that day.  But now, I FINALLY got my shit together and finished what was supposed to be another quick, simple practice strip to test out my new approach to my stupid characters.

I really better get my shit together soon, because this is the last "practice" strip in this little story arc, and in the next one we're embarking on the beginning of this pandering (there's a P-Word for ya, Prick!) superhero's journey to meet the PC-Police (more P's) of Tumbler that may or may not actually give a shit about this character.  How much Faith does it take to make a fat fuck fly?  Tune in next time to find out! 

Same Fat Time!  Same Fat Channel! 


Baron Von Fuzzbottom III
United States
What the Hell are you starin' at?
So yeah, I've been playing a lot of Mortal Kombat X ever since last week and I'm going to keep playing for a while since I've been a huge supporter of the games ever since its debut in '92, so if I seem absent at all, it's because I'm spilling enough blood to house a vampire Shamu in a really fun video game.  Sorry, but Scorpion has simply been part of my life for much longer than you monkeys and has been since I was a weeee widdle kid in a 7-11 (back when they had arcade cabinets in the stores)

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Facenuke Featured By Owner Edited Jan 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
youre like a second jesus
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The Sniper is a Spy!
BCHolbrook Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2015
As someone whose self esteem declined tremendously over the past two years, it makes me very happy to say that your artwork makes me feel a helluva lot better about myself.

You sir, have earned yourself a watch. :salute:
Angelishi Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
What is wrong with me why don't I watch you.
sbkMulletMan Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2015
Eeeeeek, perverts!  EVERYWHERE! 
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Dude I got tons of respect for you. Totally watching now
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Ever thought about making of FNAFfags?
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And catch PewdiePox?

There's no known cure for that shit, you know.
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Yes there is, it's called going outside.
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