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FFATTY Part 1: The Fat Awakens by sbkMulletMan
FFATTY Part 1: The Fat Awakens
Self-Righteous Pricks don't care about Mexican people!

The first full part of my experimental (as in "I'm still figuring shit out") newer approach to my characters.  Still trying to loosen up, but it's gettin' there.  Hey, you try stuffing a fat fuck yeti into an obscenely tight "superhero" outfight and have it look dignified!

Speaking of which, for those that don't know, this is poking fun at the PAINFULLY pandering "faith" or whatever superhero comic where the character is...well, she's just fat.  That's it.  That's the character.  Same bullshit superhero cliches we've had for decades, same lack of character, the only difference is that this one can't set foot in Tokyo without the populace fleeing for their lives. 

And I AM a fat fuck!  I am a half-shaved Bigfoot who's only half-shaved because Gillette would have gone out of business if they finished the other half!  The yeti is loosely based on myself, or as loose as one my size could possibly get wearing that shit.  Point is (if you can FIND a point on my Macy's Day Parade Balloon of a figure!), I do not give a flying FUCK about "beauty standards", or "unrealistic imagery" a COMIC BOOK!  Especially not something as shallow as a superhero comic where 9 times out of 10, someone's whole character is limited to what powers they have and how much violence and collateral damage they can inflict with said powers, and not, you know...actual character.  And that's where the Love & Rockets mention comes in, which is not only renowned for its characterization that stretches across several decades, but is also a damn good comic depicting overweight women, and still giving them character, with no pandering politically correct box-ticking tumblr-baby-appeasing bullshit.  It is a DAMN good comic. long story short, too late, I have no interest in doing any drawings of recent terrorist attacks, so I'm going after some stupid comic books instead as an excuse to practice my own experimental artwork, as well as to make many fat jokes for my own amusement!  Ah, I got a million of 'em; one for every pound!  

So yeah: "FFATTY", the one-note, two-ton superhero!  What does the "FFATTY" stand for?  What Prickery does the fairy have in store for our Yeti?  Will that David Bowie Bulge make it to a future strip, or will it strip in the future?  Tune in next time to find out!  Same Fat time, same Fat channel: it's FFATTY!!  Man, I am gonna drag these fat jokes into the GROUND and love every moment of it!!
F.F.A.A.T.T.Y Preview by sbkMulletMan
F.F.A.A.T.T.Y Preview
My last comic got me realizing how stiff and janky my artwork has become again, mostly because I sort of over-loaded myself back in October.  I really needed to find a way to loosen up, so I took a break and finally got to playing Don't Starve which went on a weekend sale on Steam recently ( was recently, right?  What month is this?  What YEAR is this?!  How long have I been PLAYING?!  Oh, shit...I have grown one Magnificent Beard!!).  The loose, even rough and scribbly artwork of the game sort of gave me a few ideas to loosen up and practice something new with my own characters.

Originally, this picture was the first panel of the first of a series of comic strips I have planned, but this one in particular is still a bit stiffer than the other sketches that came after it and it doesn't match their consistency.  So instead of redrawing the whole thing, I decided to just use it as practice as a single preview image that hints at things to come.  I still need to loosen up and not be afraid to let it look stylishly rough.  Especially considering what the upcoming story arc is going to involve! 
My Cup Runneth Over by sbkMulletMan
My Cup Runneth Over
Fucking Christ, it's about time I finished this one.

I didn't want to use the Prick Fairy for anything serious lately, but I'll sure as fuck use her for this stupid Starbucks bullshit going on!  And I am damn sure there was never a genuine issue with Christians pissing themselves about this, and that it only escalated when it became a popular, trendy internet pseudo-moral crusade, but hey, that's what the Prick Fairy is for! 

Also, this was largely an elaborate excuse to draw Sunny-Bunny in a Coffee-Jockey uniforn.  WITNESS! 
I Yiff On Your Grave
Thassno Arrdnr'y Rabbit!

Well, I had a few "Halloween Leftovers" in my head to clear up, and what better way to do so than with an exploitation film tribute?  I was going to save something like this for closer to the release date of "Zootopia", but if the furrverts weren't going to wait for that poor rabbit to even, well, say something before they raped the shit out of it, then why wait for the inevitable satire for them?  I already put it off long enough until I got to thinking about how people say things like "it's furries, of course it'll happen", or "hey, they were asking for it", or "well, nothing you can do about it, so just let it happen".  So in other words, the exact same things an actual rapist would say in their victim-blaming speeches. 

And what's the best way to deal with rapists?  That's right, a little I Spit On Your Grave action!  I've been watching a bunch of Cinema Snob episodes lately, so this inspiration just came naturally for me.  Ah, sweet rape-revenge exploitation!  A little relic from the 70s you don't see that often these days.  Yeah, not so sexy when it's your ass getting pounded into hamburger, is it, perverts?  But it is a hell of a lot more funny, because science or something. 

See, isn't it nice to actually give the bunny the opportunity to express her thoughts on the matter?  Lookat'theh bones!!
Your Daily Dose of Denial by sbkMulletMan
Your Daily Dose of Denial
Just a quick "Suck it, Tumbler" practice drawing before I use good ol' Sunny-Bunny for a much more complicated drawing.

I dunno about Sunny, but I personally have a "no Bullshit after 10pm" policy (and I don't usually get to sleep until 2am or later).  Just do the world a favor and let people fucking SLEEP!!  If your petty ego needs constant stroking with bullshit "positive affirmation", then just write some Stuart Smalley quotes onto some dixie cups or something. 


Baron Von Fuzzbottom III
United States
What the Hell are you starin' at?
So yeah, I've been playing a lot of Mortal Kombat X ever since last week and I'm going to keep playing for a while since I've been a huge supporter of the games ever since its debut in '92, so if I seem absent at all, it's because I'm spilling enough blood to house a vampire Shamu in a really fun video game.  Sorry, but Scorpion has simply been part of my life for much longer than you monkeys and has been since I was a weeee widdle kid in a 7-11 (back when they had arcade cabinets in the stores)

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I thought I could pass on the madness to another, but it hasn't left me at all!  Now we're both in Accordion Hell!
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